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Custom Guns

From triggers and action tuning to custom-built ARs. Sometimes just a bit of color is all you need, other times it's a complete overhaul.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is like brushing your teeth. We all do it, but a couple of times a year we still go to the dentist for that professional touch.


Lunar Arms Gunsmithing was conceived from the idea that there must be a better way than take a number and stand around until someone can get to you. In-store visits are by appointment so you and the staff can both focus on one thing, your needs. Located in South Orange County, Lunar Arms Gunsmithing specializes in cleaning epairs, trigger jobs, and the installation of aftermarket parts and accessories. We also sell, purchase, and transfer firearms and ammunition.

Lunar Arms Gunsmithing has also cut the cord on traditional retail hours. We offer evening hours to better serve our customers. In-fact you do not even have to leave your home. The Gunsmith at Lunar Arms Gunsmithing will come right to your door to pick up and drop off your firearm(s).

While we will schedule appointments any day or time that works for both parties, the hours we prefer are:


Ultrasonic Cleaning

Every firearm should be cleaned after every use, but the basic field strip cleaning doesn't allow you to clean everything. A deep professional cleaning should be done once or twice a year to maintain the reliability of the firearm and allows for further inspection of all the parts to keep it running smoothly.

Triger Job

Light crisp trigger pulls enhance accuracy and make it more fun to shoot. We have a variety of options from upgraded parts, to polishing factory parts, or a combination of both.

Optics, Sights, Scopes

Red dot, fiber optic, and night sights increase your ability to acquire the target quickly. One of the first upgrades for home defense or CCW firearms.

Buy, Sell, Transfer

Whether you're buying ours or we're buying yours Lunar Arms Gunsmithing makes the process easy and seamless. We carry options for any need, home defense, CCW, target shooting, sport shooting, and Law Enforcement.